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Universal Decal Installation

Usage: FloorPoint® Universal floor graphics are recommended for short-term, indoor use (up to three months for floor and up to 36 months for window/wall). Install on smooth, flat, hard floor or window/wall surfaces only. Textured surfaces are not recommended.

Installation Instructions:

1) Thoroughly clean the intended surface removing any grease, wax, and dirt with a mild detergent or solvent. If the floor or window/wall graphic is large, spray the floor with a mixture of 1-2 drops of liquid soap per gallon of water (must not contain moisturizer). After cleaning, rinse the surface with clean, warm water and dry it with a clean, lint-free cloth.

2) Mark the desired floor or window/wall graphic position. For window applications, temperature must be at least 50ºF (10°C) and max 90ºF (32°C).

3) Without touching the adhesive, peel, fold down, and crease the release liner approximately 1inch from the top of the floor or window/wall graphic.

4) Align and apply the floor graphic starting at the top. Slowly remove the release liner and squeegee as you go. Use firm, overlapping strokes. All edges and corners must be applied with firm pressure.

5) For multi-panel graphics, butt the edges together. Never overlap graphic panels.

6) Puncture any air bubbles with a pin or needle and smooth down with the squeegee.

7) Do not polish floor graphic or surrounding floor for 24 hours.

Edge Sealing: Sealing the floor graphic's edges is normally not required with proper installation. However, edge sealing can provide additional durability under difficult exposure conditions.

Removal: Lift a corner of the floor graphic and peel it back at a sharp angle using short quick strokes. Remove any remaining adhesive using a mild detergent or solvent. FloorPoint® floor graphics are NOT repositionable. Once adhered to the floor, the graphic cannot be reused.

Safety: To prevent any accident or tripping, the above installation instructions must be followed. If the floor graphic's edges lift at all from the floor, it must be immediately removed.

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