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Art/Layout Notes

During the sublimation process, small text and thin lines may fill in or leave a colored hue so the text does not look white and fine detail may be lost. With elements where legibility is key we recommend adding a 1 point stroke or making the element bold. For text we recommend a minimum of a 10 point sans serif font. If you have specific concerns please don't hesitate to ask.
Industry standard allows for 1/8" bleed as soft top products are a manual process and there is some shift in printing and manufacturing your unique mouse pads. The human eye can detect up to a 1/16" shift in text running parallel to the edges. We do not recommend borders or parallel lines as these will emphasize the shift and items may appear cricked or tilted. While obviously we will do all we can to minimize this effect we can not guarantee the registration on an order.

General Specifications

  • Templates and stock photos available at no additional charge ready for your business logo or slogan
  • 300 dpi or vector based
  • CMYK Color Platform
  • 1/4" bleed
  • Your final image will be 1/2" larger than the item size
  • All important text should be 1/4" in from the original item size
  • We operate in an Adobe platform so most major graphic formats including, but not limited to TIF, EPS, PDF, BMP, AI, PSD, JPG
  • When available image in layers or in its native vector format
  • If using vector art please make certain to outline fonts, include or imbed all links, and send a PDF in addition
  • Send image via email


Layout Assistance

  • We offer limited layout assistance at no cost with an order.
  • Send us your logo, pictures, any text to be added and layout instructions (font preferences etc) and we can assist with assembling. Please be as specific as possible.
  • Stock backgrounds/photos available, ask your customer representative for details

Artwork FAQ

"I have no idea what I am doing":  If you have no idea what any of this means please send us the best file(s) you have, even if you can't open them on your computer, along with your contact information and we will contact you to discuss your project."I have a logo but need some help": we can help with adding text, information or a background. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with any questions you have regarding how to make a custom mouse pad. "My image/logo is in a Microsoft program like Word, Power Point or Publisher" If you have your logo or image in a Microsoft program please send us the original Microsoft file.