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The Secret Tool of the Most Effective Point of Sale Advertisers- Custom Counter Mats. We all know the old adage as to what matters most in business: location, location, location. Well what if you could be present for every purchase your customer makes? That’d be one amazing location. Guess what, you can! These custom counter mats, sometimes called counter pads, are incredibly effective forms of point of purchase advertising. They give you unprecedented 24/7 access to your customers right at the time of their purchase, just in time to make an additional purchase or change their mind about your brand. When you trust us with your brand we take it seriously. As a manufacturer we specialize in making you the perfect customized mats, or custom sized mat, for promotion or advertising. Better yet with every order you get our award winning service, free setup, full color printing and our amazing wholesale prices. We have all types of counter mats- fabric mats? Got it. One of the most durable counter mat on the market? Look no further! Window mats- yup you can find those here. You only need to look around to see how well these mats work, they're everywhere, and now you can be too. Order now and see why thousands of clients return to us year after year.